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ACE Interface Products and Services

The products and services of ACE Interface are designed to have a multiplier effect that disseminates knowledge and practices rapidly and to a wide and diverse set of audiences.

The ACE Interface Master Trainer Education Package offers a proven educational framework and strategy for rapidly disseminating information about the ACE study, along with neurobiology that explains why ACEs have so much effect in people’s lives, and what we can all do to dramatically improve health and resilience for this and future generations.  Master Trainers and the speakers they train can be deployed to all corners of a state and are qualified to maintain the fidelity of the science base and facilitate the expansion of interdisciplinary, multi-sector and community connections that lead to healthy and sustainable empowerment strategies and change.  Multiple states are already engaging our Master Trainer Education Package.

Speaking and consultation services of ACE Interface include the following:  keynote presentations and coordinated workshops, documentation of ACE-informed practice and policy innovations, Think Tank hosting, data analysis and reports to support dialogue and policy discussion, assuring fidelity and quality of surveillance reports and other products, educational framing, community capacity development processes, innovative expansion of data collection and analysis to engage a wider array of interests and leadership, conference design and facilitation, coalition building, engaging in fundraising, aligning resources to achieve a greater impact, designing civic engagement strategies, use of visual art and other creative arts for community engagement, and ethnographic/culturally sensitive tailoring of materials.